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What is the Fit Factor Studio?

We are a fitness family that was created for individuals that are sick of the gym and ready for real results.

Our mission is to inspire ourselves and others to wake up and live fully. We believe in educating our Fit Fanatics that your fitness transformation begins with your mindset. You cannot change your body with the same mind that got you where you are. Reset your mindset, and reset your body.

We focus highly on mindset and exercise form. We offer High Intensity Interval Training classes and low impact, flexibility and body recovery classes too. They are both extremely important in your training routine and the longevity of your body’s lifespan. Foam rolling, stretching and recovery are so important. Practice Yoga and lift like a Bad Ass. We teach you how to do both! Yup! That’s how we do it. ;)

If you’re ready for something different because other training programs didn’t work for you, then we’re your new fitness home. Being at The Fit Factor Studio empowers you to be excited to wake up and embrace a vibrant energetic gift that has always been inside you. While we hold you accountable and push you to be your best, we keep in mind that your personal best is different every day. 

As you race toward your personal best and commit to tapping into your inner power, you become unstoppable at reaching your fitness goals and beyond. Invest in your life TODAY. Become a Fit Fanatic today and join our circuit training party! 

Who is The Fit Factor Studio for?

Whether you're a fitness fanatic, newbie all together or simply getting back in to your fitness game, The Fit Factor Studio will help you:

  • Lose weight 
  • Gain muscle
  • Increase flexibility 
  • Limit brain fog
  • Learn how to breathe 
  • Relieve stress
  • Gain confidence
  • Achieve mental clarity
  • Learn proper fitness form
  • Have more joy and fun
  • Meet new members of our community


  • Push through physical and mental breakthroughs 
  • Stay accountable to your training
  • Gain endurance
  • Learn how to cross train with multiple forms of classes 
  • Create a new level of personal development 
  • Feel appreciated and seen (you're never a number!)
  • Leave wanting more and feeling good
  • Set goals and new milestones
  • Learn how to train for longevity and not just "workout" 


All while having fun and building a body and life YOU love. 

This is an amazing investment! Sign up today and start living a better life.

The Fit Factor Studio is the Real Deal

We're by no means a "lose weight quick" spot. Anyone can lose weight quickly by depriving themselves for a short amount of time. How long will that last?

One of the biggest reasons people struggle losing weight and transforming their body is the fact that they're missing a mindset shift and the right tools to change their habits. You cannot change your body with the same mind that got you there.

At The Fit Factor Studio, we break fitness down in an easy to understand and step by step method. There’s no question about what to do next, and you’ll create something you’re truly proud of!


" Before turning 40, I knew I had to start taking better care of myself so I began looking into various gyms and studios and came across the Fit Factor. From the first time I walked into the studio, I knew it was where I needed to be to change my body and mind. It had all the things I was looking for: Personalized and guided instruction – check. Well-trained and motivating instructors – check. Great location with easy parking – check. Safe and supportive studio community – check. Each unique, kick ass workout and instructor, has changed me inside and out. I have become stronger, developed a discipline when it comes to form and my balance has drastically improved. All of which is especially beneficial while training for races. I give credit to The Fit Factor for keeping me healthy and in shape so that I can participate in multiple race events throughout the year, something I hadn’t done prior to starting with the Fit Factor. An even bigger testament of my love for the Fit Factor is that I happily get out of bed before the sun in order to work out with my Fit Factor community! Thank you Fit Factor! XOXO"

-Heidi Ornelas

How The 14 Day Jump Start Program Works

Once you sign up for our intro 14 Day Jump Start Program, you'll be ready to start your classes for the next 14 days. After you sign up, you have 7 days to take your first class and activate your intro program. Make sure to sign up for your first class right away to start the benefits of your 14 day trial. 
We recommend you maximize your 14 days by trying a variety of our classes and instructors from our 40 classes a week that we offer. This will give you a sense of what times and classes work with your lifestyle and schedule for future monthly memberships choices.
Arrive to your first class 10-15 minutes before so you're relaxed and prepared for your intro with your instructor. Bring a towel (you'll sweat!), filled water bottle and wear proper fitness clothing. Download our Free Fit Factor app in your app store on your mobile phone to make it easy to sign in and out of class. And one more thing. . . make sure to join our private Facebook Fit Fanatics group. You'll receive an email with the Facebook link when you sign up. Join our group to receive all the instructors' updates and fun social shares. Sign up today! 


Small and intimate classes.
Receive a lot of 
One-on-One Attention.

It's like having a private session. . . with a few of your closest friends! 
Our classes are intimate and are limited to no more than 10 or 12 clients per class. You're never a number and you always receive a lot of attention and love from our instructors. You'll never get lost in a large classroom of 30-40 students and you'll learn how to properly train for longevity, endurance and strength. 

You’ll Get Support.

We know you want to make this're ready to transform your body and life. We get it! 

The problem is you don’t know where to start and most gyms don't teach you how to train and that's why 90% of big box gym goers do not achieve their fitness goals.

In the last couple of years, the fitness industry has completely changed and the options are confusing and overwhelming. We know! We've been there. That's why Joanna created The Fit Factor. But in daily life, you need something YOU can control - that’s what The Fit Factor Studio is all about. 

What if you could build your body while building your mindset at the same time? It’s possible - and The Fit Factor Studio will show you how! 

You’ll have access to a community of people like you for inspiration and feedback. But unlike most big box gyms, we structure ours to eliminate fluff and promote laser focus - so you can get in, get what you need, and get things done! 

Lastly, you’ll have the support of our team. Your success and satisfaction is our number 1 priority and we’re here to answer your questions, point you to the tools you need to reach your goals, and support you every step of the way.

"We had tried different gyms and failed to commit several times in the past, not until we found The Fit Factor Studio 5 years ago. They offer a variety of classes so we are able to mix different workouts into our exercise routine throughout the week. All trainers have their own unique way of training and they’re all vigorous. The classes are small and intimate hence the trainers can easily keep us engage so we never feel left out. The Fit Factor Studio has transformed both of us physically and mentally. Joanna and her team are motivational. They keep reminding us during the class of our purposes and goals. We are in the best shape of our lives than ever. To us, this is not an ordinary gym. It's a community."

-Kay and Paul Phiboolsook

The 14 Day Jump Start Program is open to new Fit Fanatics and our team is excited to meet you! We want to help you get to the next level. Period.

14 Day Jump Start Program
What You'll Get...

14 Days of Training

When you sign up for our intro offer you'll receive 14 consecutive days of 14 fitness classes. You can take up to 1 class a day for 14 days. It's up to you and your lifestyle! You can take class every day or go slower and take just a couple of classes. It's your choice. We recommend you maximize your 14 days by trying a variety of our classes and instructors from our 40 classes a week that we offer to get a sense of what times and classes work with your lifestyle and schedule for future monthly memberships choices. 

Free Fitness Assessment Class

Make sure to sign up for your free fitness assessment too! This class is called Free Fitness Fundamentals with our creator and owner, Joanna Vargas.  It is held every month on a Saturday from 11:00 am - 12:00 pm. Please see our class schedule and social media pages for posted dates. Once you’re a member, this meeting is great to attend on a monthly basis to help connect you to our community and measure your success. 

Specialty Check-ins

When you sign up for our 14 Day Jump Start Program, you’ll have the support of our team. Your success and satisfaction is our number 1 priority and we’re here to answer your questions, point you to the tools you need to reach your goals and support you every step of the way.  You will receive specialty emails, texts and calls to help keep you on track and accountable during your 14 days and to keep you motivated and encouraged!

Variety of Classes

Try a variety of different types of training during your 14 Day Jump Start. We have many different types of classes to keep your body strong and flexible for longevity and long term training. Try our variety of classes from High Intensity Interval Training (our signature 50 Minute Factor class), Yoga, Barre, Boxing, Kickboxing, Flexibility, Kettlebell, different workshops and so much more! We are always adding new classes, new times and new clinics to give our Fit Fanatics an array of choices.

Make The Fit Factor Studio your fitness family! Don't delay your physical transformation. Join our 14 Day Jump Start today!

"If you walk by The Fit Factor Studio, you might see the fury of kettlebells swinging, dumbbells pumping, or legs sprinting. You might think this would be too much to do in your busy, fast-paced life. But for me, this is exactly the place where I get to slow down. At The Fit Factor Studio, Joanna and the trainers have taught me to slow down and pay attention to my form, breath, as well as my thoughts in my head. The experience after any of these classes is so unique in that I walk out physically tired but mentally stronger, every time. I am so grateful to have found a studio of committed and supportive trainers and clients who value sweaty looks and soreness. Thank you, TFF, for evolving to fit the needs of your clients and for the dynamic space for me to slow down and to enjoy my physical, mental, and spiritual journey!"

-Connie Lian

Meet Our Creator, Joanna Vargas

Hey Fit Fanatics! Welcome to The Fit Factor Studio and it's a pleasure to have you here. How did I get so darn lucky? Thanks for visiting our site and I am so incredibly grateful for each and every one of you. My mission is to inspire myself and others to live fully. Are you willing to join me?

I began my fitness journey my freshman year in college at Long Beach State University. I was writing a dream journal of all the things I wanted to accomplish that year and I wrote down, "Become an Aerobics Instructor." Yup. Aerobics Instructor. Who remembers that? I do! That year I got certified and began teaching Step Aerobics at every gym within 30 miles. No joke! I was a hustler and taught everywhere. I was addicted and loved it! I learned so much by teaching all types of individuals from stay at home moms to senior citizens. I was hooked.

My wellness journey began when I was 5 years old. I've been a dancer ever since I could walk. I started with ballet and tap at the local rec center, then that led to professional Hula and Tahitian lessons when I was 7 years old. I have been dancing ever since. I danced in high school competitively and was a dance major in college and studied ballet, modern dance and hip hop.

After my audition years I created Jayvee Dance Center in Downtown Alhambra in 2003. I sold that business in 2010 so that I could focus on other projects and developed and created The Fit Factor in 2011 for a new venture. Every day when I wake up I ask out loud, "How can I be a contribution today?" And yay! Here you are on this site reading about The Fit Factor Studio. How great is that? I love live music, the sound of a guitar tuning, Kettlebell training and margaritas. ;) Yes, I said margaritas! Trainers eat and drink too! ;)

I live my life to the fullest and enjoy it. When I'm not at the studio, you can find me listening to a podcast, rocking out at a concert or watching my favorite show, "Shark Tank."

I am excited to meet you and cannot wait to have you in my class or one of our amazing instructors' classes. Did I mention how AMAZING our instructors are here at The Fit Factor? Oh...we have the best in town! They are knowledgable, open and so willing to spread the love of living fully.

Hop in a class today and join our 14 Day Jump Start Program. See you soon! And live fully!

Joanna Vargas

This is it! 
It’s YOUR time!

This is it! It's YOUR time! What are you waiting for? Stop watching other people have success, and start changing your body, mind and life today. Whether you want to lose weight, create time for you or just get really, really strong, there's no better time than now. The fitness industry is experiencing a dramatic shift and I truly believe someday we will look back on this time and wish, why didn't I get started sooner? You have the opportunity to start toady! You can do this! My team and I are beyond exited to welcome you to The Fit Factor Studio and serve you along the way. Welcome to our Fit Fanatic family! 

You can start changing your body, mind and life today! What are you waiting for? Start today!